Best Lap

Just touch and release the screen to accelerate and brake your car; only that. Drifting is not a good idea. Do your best to make the Best Lap!

The BestLap game is completely addictive.

Some of the incredible features:
– Ultra-realistic motor sound.
– Awesome physics (acceleration and grip).
– Compete against the ghost of your best lap.
– Ultra-precise stopwatch.
– Fast restarter button.

Best Lap for Android

Best Lap for IOS

Euclidean algorithm

// Euclidean algorithm – GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)
// Algoritmo de Euclides – MDC (Maior Divisor Comum)

gcd ( a, b )
while ( b ≠ 0 )
temp = b;
b = a  mod  b;  // remainder of a division
a = temp;
return a;

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